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Spitzbergen Adventures is a tour operator in the arctic offering snowmobiling, ice cave exploration, sightseeing, hiking and many more activities.

Our employees speak fluent German, English and Norwegian and are extremely experienced and has an extensive knowledge about Svalbard/Spitsbergen and tour operation.

We also facilitate media productions and logistic operations. 

A Few Words About the



Doreen is the owner and founder of Spitzbergen Adventures. She is actually from Stralsund in north Germany but learned to love the Norwegian Mountains many years ago and now she cannot get enough of them.

She moved to Svalbard in 2009 and has been here ever since. Doreen came into contact with the island for the first time in 2002 when she was working as an expedition cruise guide on one of the Expedition Ships which was sailing westward along the archipelago.

Doreen is an accredited guide with many years of tour experience both summer and winter time.

She also has vital knowledge within the field of search & rescue and avalanches.

Doreen has completed more than 60 hours of first aid training and just loves being outside on her snowmobile with our guests. She is easily recognizable by her ever-present smile.


Misha has been on Svalbard since 2015 and is a solid pillar in our team.

He is from Kiev in Ukraine and his special charm, combined with his desire to deliver always the best to the guest, makes him a great guide and we all just love him.

Misha has a great passion for his work has been with us for a long time. He is a certified guide, great BBQ cook and loves snowmobiling and hiking.


His nature is adventure! A simple mind who loves wilderness more than humans sometimes:) Friendly and humble but professional attitude with broad experience in adventure tourism for many years and many places. In free time you will find him in the backcountry splitboarding, flying above with paraglider or exploring new photo angles with his drone. If you see him running around in subzero temperatures just wearing shorts and t-shirt - it's normal, he is not crazy, just touch too warm perhaps (:


Lauma is our support person - helping here and there, bits and bobs, guiding, officing and taking care of your smiles!

Originally she comes from Latvia and her never ending urge for mountains and adventures has led her to many special places in the world including Svalbard. She is a true nature lover and as such she believes that every day spent outdoors is the best investment you can have! As a genuine outdoor spirit, she can always be found outside ski touring, paragliding or exploring around in some other not less adventurous way.


Marcus came to Svalbard in 2009. He has been working as a guide and aircraft technician for many years.
Marcus is from the northern part of Norway and likes to be outside in the wilderness.
He is a certified guide and has a great Svalbard history knowledge. Marcus speaks Norwegian, English and North Sami.

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