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Our company has decided NOT to follow the boycott of the settlement of Barentsburg due to various reasons:

The population in Barentsburg consists of more than 70% Ukrainians and the money generated through turisme goes directly back into the town to enhance the living standard for the people living there. We think it is better to support the residents. Barentsburg showes that it is possible to exist peacefully side by side regardless of nationality or religion. 

Barentsburg Evening Tour is perfect for you who want to have a different Dinner option and also get to know our neighbors.

On the way both to and from Barentsburg we will have some shorter stops and our Guide will explain what you see around you. We can almost guarantee to see reindeer, and with luck, there is also the possibility to see seals, grouse or the polar fox.  With a lot of luck we may even get to meet a polar bear.

Dinner is served in a warm building with all facilities and then you have time for a walk around the city.

If weather- and driving conditions allow, we will choose a different route back. To drive in the night and later during the “light” night is an amazing feeling and you can experience spectacular viewings only the sun can provide.

You need no prior snowmobile experience for driving. The terrain is flat but also a bit rough.

Minimum age for children is 10 years.

We need a minimum of 2  Snowmobiles.

If you have any food allergies or health issues please let us know before the trip.

For our guests who need glasses we recommend switching to contacts, if possible, for the tour. 

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