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Spitzbergen Adventures


Good To Know


Necessary Equipment and Gear


  • merino wool and fleece for the inner layer, for both your body and feet

  • goggles, sunglasses

  • warm trousers, shoes and jacket

  • down is always a good choice in addition to the wool

  • thin gloves for handling your camera, food or other eventualities where you need a good grip

  • extra batteries for your camera

  • small backpack for extra clothes and/or thermos flask, water, snacks

  • driving license (very important on snowmobile-tours!)

  • contact lenses if you use glasses

Image by James Padolsey
Spitzbergen Adventures

The Different Seasons


Summer (June-August)

24 hours sunlight, the midnight sun at its best


Autumn (September-October)

from the 23th of August the days get shorter again


Dark Season (November-mid January)

for more than two months we have absolutely no natural light at all

Winter (Mid January-May)

even up here next to the North pole we are getting kind of a normal day-, night- rhythm. And the sun comes back. During the winter the temperature can drop down to under -20 degrees Celsius.

Spring (May)

while the ice is melting, the midnight sun comes up again and summer season is coming closer and closer

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