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This amazing boat tour to the former Russian mining town of Pyramiden takes you back in time. To the time when the city was in full bloom before it was closed down in 1998. At one point around 1000 people were living in Pyramiden. The city is still owned by the Russian company Trust Arktikugol, which also owns Barentsburg. Now, Pyramiden is known as the most northern ghost town.

During the day you will drive by the amazing Nordenskjold Glacier, where, with a little luck, you will be able to catch a view of a polar bear or seals.

The tour is ca  10hr day trip starting at 08:30 from your hotel. During this option, the crew will prepare a delicious barbecue lunch for you and you have the opportunity to buy hot and cold beverages on board.

If you have any food allergies or health issues please let us know before the trip.

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