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S.M.A.B | Sauna – Meal & Arctic Breeze – Summer Edition

Sauna-Meal and Arctic Breeze Summer Editon will combine several unique pleasures into one activity. Each of those pleasures is already very special up here in Svalbard, but combining those into one experience, haven’t been done before. We have set up a little camp at Hotelneset close to the camping site. The main tent is heated, and we also offer a nice BBQ place. The  tent sauna has a transparent window which allows you to look out and enjoy the nice surroundings but not so much the look in. You also have the chance to take a dip in the cooling water. Together as a team we will set up the sauna and heat the oven. While the temperature is rising to the comfort level you desire we will have some time to enjoy the area and have a beverage.

When you are in the sauna our guide will start preparing the BBQ and Food. This tour is made for everyone who is enjoying sauna. It is also possible to book it for private or company events. Just contact us.

Please contact us before the tour regarding food allergies or any health issues. 


  • Level of complexity:

    1 – Suitable for all
  • Number of guests:

    Min. 2 / Max. 4
  • Starting Time:

    16:30 (5 hours)
  • Price:

    1.550 nok per person
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This tour is made for everyone who is enjoying sauna. We can adjust it, like for example as a family event, or to enjoy the midnight sun. It will be done in a very small group only and has a duration of 4 – 5 hours.


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