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Tempelfjord an exciting trip in beautiful nature, rich animal life and an amazing view towards the Tempelfjord with the Von Post and Tuna Glacier.  On the way we will have several stops and your guide will explain what you have around you. We will see a lot of reindeer, birds and with a little luck maybe a seal or even a polar bear. We stop at Villa Fredheim which has an important place in the history of Svalbard and serve you a warm field lunch along with hot beverages. Another stop on the route will be the frozen Eskerwaterfall which is a very cool phenomen happening in the winter. This trip is very easy to drive and suiteble for all also for children. ( Since we are outside the whole time we don’t recommend this trip for the youngest kids).

Next to the Tempelfjord is the Villa Fredheim, an old trapping station from Hilmar Nøis, a famous Trapper who spent 37 winters here. We will have our lunch there, while enjoying the view. If the ice conditions allow, we will go onto the Tuna Glacier and have lunch there instead.

We pick you up from your hotel, and take you to our changing room. We will give you a safety briefing and get you dressed.  After that we will drive to our snowmobiles and show you how to operate them.  It is very easily picked up and you don’t need any prior experience. During the day we make several stops and you will have the opportunity to take pictures. Our guide will tell you whats around you and also advise about driving questions.

The tour is in very easy flat terrain through the whole way and very easy to drive.

Minimum age for Children 8 years.

If you have any food allergies or health issues please let us know before the trip.

For our guests who need glasses we recommend contact lenses for the tour. 

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