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Bjørndalen is a place which offers several characteristics from Svalbard in one location. Starting with wildlife which you will very likely find here and ending with a possible stiff breeze coming from the sea. It’s a place where you can easily spend several hours, long sight an easy walking/ hiking trail.

Spitzbergen Adventures will take you on a walking/hiking tour which is designed for everyone who wants to spend time outside. This tour fits everyone also families who want to give their kids a little adventure. (Strollers are not recommended) It is not a demanding or challenging tour but you should be able to walk by your self. Bjørndalen with BBQ is for everyone who wants to rest from other activities without being inactive.

This tour will be done in a small group only. That makes this tour very individual and gives us a lot of freedom to adjust to your background and the weather. Most important it will not disturb the animals.

We will finalize the excursion at our tent located at Hotelneset and finish with an arctic BBQ. It is a 5-6 hours trip with a maximum of 8 people and minimum of 2 people.

Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies etc.

The amount of walking / hiking will be agreed within the group that day.

If you do not have hiking shoes, you can rent a pair from us. Just let us know.

Please bring a small backpack for your own utilities such as extra clothes, drinking water, snacks and camera.

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