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Spitzbergen Adventures

An Unforgettable Experience


Spitzbergen Adventures is a tour operator in the arctic offering snowmobiling, ice cave exploration, sightseeing, hiking and many more activities.

Our employees speak fluent German, English and Norwegian and are extremely experienced and has an extensive knowledge about Svalbard/Spitsbergen and tour operation.

We also facilitate media productions and logistic operations. 

A Few Words About the



Christian is the new owner of Spitzbergen Adventures, starting from June 2022. 

He is an outdoor person, with many years of practice as a hunter. Otherwise he is fond of nature and people, and loves history. 


Glenn is the general manager of Spitzbergen Adventures AS.


His constant desire for new outdoor activities has led him to many special places in the world, including Svalbard.


Glenn has a broad and extensive experience in outdoor activities. He loves people and he thrives on creating good experiences.

His good mood, combined with his desire to always deliver the best to the guest, make him a great guide.


In his spare time, we often find him sailing across the tundra or the sea with a kite in the air, or out exploring new areas - looking for new adventures.


Fanny grew up on a farm in the Swedish archipelago. Thus, she spent most of her time doing horse riding and sailing and worked 12 years as a sailing instructor. In January 2022, studies in Arctic marine biology brought her to Svalbard. Since then, she has been guiding on expedition cruise ships, hikes, and scooter trips.

Fanny loves to take out our guests who experience the arctic for the first time and fulfill their
dream. "To work with Spitzbergen adventures is to have that dream as my everyday life"
she says.


Jonatan is a happy guy from northern Norway. He loves the outdoor and taking people on tours. Jonatan has a degree in both nursing and biology and since coming up to Svalbard has taken the SGO - training course.


Philipp loves nature and outdoor sports. He has been active outside his whole life. His favorite activities are skiing and ice climbing. He came to Longyearbyen to study Northern Lights and snow and ice processes.


My name is Olivier, i am half Norwegian / French, and i have always been fascinated with what nature can do to humans. My core value is that nature is for everyone no matter what physical level and experience you have. I'm passionate about creating small and big memories out in any kind of weather and i'm looking forward to take you out on an Adventure with me.

Spitzbergen Adventures
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